Allow consumers to shop and transact the full car-buying experience on the Metaverse, breaking a centuries-old tradition in the automotive sector.


Consider the possibility that buying and/or financing a vehicle and accessories is as straightforward as ordering groceries online.

Our mission at CarCivic is to develop a new blockchain solution that allows you to buy, sell, or trade your car in the metaverse and in the real world, with special incentives for $Mcar Token holders.

We empower holders to take control of their new car purchases through the tokenization of real-world assets, NFTs, and a strong community.

Our global community will be granted transparency and efficiency, while costs and friction of car buying will be minimized.


Our goal is to be the leading automotive marketplace in the Metaverse where users can buy, sell, or trade their vehicles with ease. We plan to achieve this goal by using the $Mcar Token as the main currency of this platform. In addition to being a marketplace, Plensy will supply a financing platform where users can apply for car loans and get approved in minutes.